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We guarantee quality – MADE IN GERMANY


FAZNAM PRECISIONS are one of the compassionate company specialized in date marking components used for plastic injection and tool making industries. We are leading paramount and hallmark in this industry. We have started our journey in 2019. We are located in Aschaffenburg Germany. Faznam integrating new and novel solutions for your date marking components, mould identification stamps, recycling inserts, foam and deep drawing mould for your moulds solutions. We are surpassing in this field due to our attributive competency. Our only linchpin is the calibre of our products that we are delivering to our clients. We are building a new paradigm of success due to our state of the art working infrastructure. Our yardsticks processes and consummate usage of thriving technology used by our cognoscente engineering teams are making our services unimpeachable. Our connoisseurs quality control department is making FAZNAM PRECISIONS remarkable and reliable.

Our Main Goals


FAZNAM PRECISIONS have the vision to succour our client with our scintillating products We have an infatuation for engrossing in this field. We always emphasize enhancing our facet. We believe in self improvement and self improvement growth. We always look forward to endorsing productivity in in our productsg. Our priority is to provide gratification and satisfaction to our clients. We believe our only competitor is our quality of product and striving for excellence.


FAZNAM PRECISIONS mission is to visualize all those aims and target for what we are carving. We are utilizing all resources to raise our standards to mark. To achieve our goals and our target. We are putting maximum effort to widens the periphery of our work. Our team of highly efficient engineers advanced technology like Autodesk products and Solidworks. We are committed to working with allegiance and fidelity. Our steadfastness is crowning us in the plastic injection and tool making industries.


FAZNAM PRECISIONS have goals as follow:
Enhancing the certitude and trust of our clients in our services and product.
Propagating the horizon of our company across the whole world.
Fluorshing and thriving the quality of our products.
Widening the periphery of our circumference of work so clients from every sphere will be expedited.
Heightening and boarding spectrum of our business and achieving our targets and aims.

Our Services

FAZNAM PRECISIONS are producing vast diversity of products for the plastic injection and making industry. Our yearning desires are to board the range of our productivity. We are ballooning and burgeoning the standards of our products as per the changing situation. For that purpose, our whole team is fagging to produce a stature of our products. Some of the Magnificent products produced by FAZNAM PRECISIONS for which we are grubbing for excellency as follows date marking components of fantabulous quality and available in different lengths and diameters.


# The standard Version of Ø3 to Ø6 mm.

# The short version of Ø2.6 to Ø20 mm for pressing in.

# The short version of Ø3 to Ø16 with fastening thread.

# The Standard length with locking function without height adjustment Ø4 to Ø12mm.

# The Date short version with Locking function without height adjustment (Ø4 to Ø12mm).

Why Choose and Trust Faznam

Trust matter a lot in business. What making FAZNAM PRECISIONS trustworthy is our integrity and honesty with our work. Honesty and integrity are the core part of our values. Our state of the art machinery and highly experienced crew members are making us calculable. Our CEO MR MFUNDO PETER is highly qualified with vast and diversified experience of serving in the industrial sector. Under his leadership, our whole team is performing effectively for germination and sprouting of FAZNAM PRECISIONS.

Team Members

We believe that communication is key. We always love to communicate and negotiate with our clients. If you have any query related just leave a message our team will contact you. You all queries will be furnished. Also, provide your feedback. Your feedback matters a lot to us. It plays an integral role in our assessment and evaluation.

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